Dependency Graph

See the connections between your classes, structs, protocols and enums like never before.

Open and close modules, groups and files to zoom in and out of your app.

Move nodes around and follow the dependencies.

SwiftAlyzer will let you look at your project in a whole new way!

Project Structure

See the same group and file structure as in Xcode so that you can feel like home.

Know where to find your classes, structs, protocols and enums.

Search in your project to find what you are looking for.


Get key information about the architecture of your app.

Don’t know if your architecture looks like it’s supposed to do? Don’t know which parts of your app could be improved?

The metrics SwiftAlyzer calculates give you a clear picture about your project.


Tags help you to focus on what you are looking for.

Simply reduce the amount of nodes and dependencies visible in the graph to get a better overview of your project.

Create, change, show or hide tags from one common place.

Use regular expressions to filter your project in the most powerful way.

Download and test now!

Public Beta is available now! Get your free beta version of SwiftAlyzer, we are looking forward to your feedback!