Sw!ftalyzer has many features helping you analyse, understand and improve your project. These posts give you more details about how to use our app.

Learn more about File Length Information & Warnings

Sw!ftalyzer shows you an overview of the lengths of all files in a histogram. This gives you more context than looking at each file individually and helps to spot outliers. Learn more about how Sw!ftalyzer helps you improving your app.

Learn more about Unused Entities Information & Warnings

When removing an old and unused feature or refactoring code, it’s easy to miss that some part of the code stays in the project although it’s no longer in usage. Swiftalyzer analyses all dependencies and can find entities without any incoming dependencies.

Learn more about Non-Final Class Information & Warnings

Swiftalyzer automatically analyses the declarations of the classes in your app and knows, which ones don’t have the final keyword. It also sees all inheritances and thus knows, which classes can not be final because of subclasses. Learn more about how to improve your app with Swiftalyzer.